The Solitary Learning Style

July 01, 2013

Collective Learning

By Lindsay Benitez

The last learning style in this series is the solitary learning style. Solitary learners are more independent and introspective compared to other learners. They are typically very reflective, and they often engage in self-development activities. This type of learner is also referred to as the “thinker.” If you concentrate best when alone and prefer individual assignments to group activities, you may display characteristics of a solitary learner.

Solitary learning can be beneficial for students when they are attempting to memorize and retain information. However, it is recommended that when faced with more difficult concepts, students should consult others and collaborate to problem-solve. Here are some ways you can improve your solitary learning style:

Solitary learners are known to analyze their learning style preference and methodology. Take advantage of this characteristic and explore the multiple learning styles covered in this series for a more well-rounded and developed approach to making the most out of your educational opportunities. Thank you for joining us in this learning style series. We hope you feel better equipped to learn in a variety of ways!

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