The Social Learning Style

June 05, 2013

By Lindsay Benitez

Collective Learning 

The next learning style in our series is the social learning style, which involves engaging in the learning process through groups and interacting with others. Social learners are typically strong at both verbal and nonverbal communication. They are often the people who listen well and give advice. Professional areas to consider for social learners include counseling, coaching, human resources, and sales. 

A social learner enjoys working and learning with other people by pairing up to work on a project or forming a study group. Social learning could appear in the form of breakout sessions or group discussions. This approach allows the learner to bounce ideas off of others and work through complex ideas or problems through dialogue and conversation.

The following are helpful techniques to develop and improve your social learning skills:

Social learning may also encourage students to explore other individuals’ preferred learning styles. Everyone engages in each of the learning styles, just in various degrees. Social learners can initiate these conversations and help other students understand how they can collaborate to create successful ideas and quality products. Continue to analyze the way you learn and work to increase your retention by incorporating aspects of a variety of learning styles.

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