The Aural Learning Style

May 09, 2013

Collective Learning - By Lindsay Benitez

If you prefer to learn by hearing and listening to information, you may display the characteristics of an aural learner. The aural learning style is a style in which individuals learn best through hearing directions and speaking answers. It is common for aural learners to be proficient at speaking and acting. Typically, aural learners prefer to listen to lectures rather than take notes. They may also read things out loud to help better understand the material. If you are an aural learner, remembering songs and other auditory sounds tends to be easier for you. 

There are a few strategies you can use to enhance your aural learning skills:  

To make the most out of aural learning, you can easily follow an input-output pathway. The input stage describes all the information you take in as an individual. In accordance with aural learning, you should engage in a lecture or tutorial and then discuss these topics with your peers and instructor. Next, attempt to explain what you have initially learned to other people. Focus your explanations around interesting examples, stories, pictures, and other visuals. To finish the process, you must produce an output. This output reflects your performance or mastery of the information you learned during the input stage. To maximize your performance on an assessment or examination, attempt to recall ideas in a quiet place, practice writing your answers, and speak your answers either out loud or inside your head.
It is important to remember that most people likely utilize multiple learning styles rather than just one. Try identifying when you personally use a combination of styles to learn new material or content. Take note of what aspects of each style and what combinations best enhance your ability to retain the new information. 

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